Double B Foods

Product Capabilities

Double B has a wide range of product capabilities.  Dough-enrobed specialty products are made with a broad assortment of superior-quality dough and filling types, each batch-made in our plant.  Handcrafted appetizers, entrées, and desserts are custom designed, formulated, and produced in a range of sizes,  shapes and weights using a variety of tortillas, eggroll/spring roll wraps, pastry doughs, and other wraps – all of which can be custom-folded to create your one-of-a-kind signature item.  Our dips are produced to a diverse range of specifications with top-quality ingredients. 

Double B’s baking and frying capabilities enable us to offer both pre-cooked (ready to eat) and uncooked (ready to cook) product options.  And of course, each custom product is made to your specifications and our strict standards of consistency, quality, authenticity, and food safety.  We maintain strong relationships with quality ingredient vendors nationwide, and can also accommodate client-specified suppliers that meet our quality criteria. 

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