Double B Foods

Handcrafted Appetizers & Entrées

Whether in a restaurant or at home, at any meal or snack occasion, today’s consumers are seeking quality, variety, and excitement in their food choices.  Custom-formulated appetizers and entrées from Double B allow you to offer them exactly what they’re looking for – and in a versatile, convenient, hand-held, portion controlled product format.   

Note the sensory appeal of our appetizer and entrée products, from the piece size and integrity of our fillings to the overall handmade appearance.  We’ll help you create the perfect size, shape, and formulation for your entrée, entrée component, or individual or share-able appetizer/snack/dessert application.  The exciting product opportunities and applications possible from Double B’s broad repertoire of doughs, wraps, and fillings are limited only by your imagination. 

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